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Meet Our Team

Higher Level Legal Law Firm is first and foremost a family law firm.

Our firm prides ourselves on being the strongest choice in the Kansas City area for legal representation regarding familial law.

Individuals seeking legal counsel for issues regarding family law, such as divorce, legal separation, child custody, alimony, finances, and assets are already tasked with dealing with the stressful, complex, and private matters that fall under those categories, and more.

Higher Level Legal Law Firm is equipped with a highly educated and experienced team of attorneys that diligently and ethically fights for our client's legal goals. Our goal is to assist our clients in navigating their family legal matters with a personalized and caring approach.

Our team of attorneys has strong expertise in this sector of law and understands how important choosing the right counsel is when law regarding family situations arise.

Higher Level Legal Law Firm has three operating attorneys.

Each member of our team can be described as accomplished, efficient, experienced, and personable, and will take your case and use these qualities to pursue success in your particular situation.

Meet Our Team

Joshua Wilson

Founding Attorney

Mr. Wilson is one of the most sought out family law attorney's in the Cass County area. With over ten years of experience, he has the insight you need to help you during these challenging times. Mr. Wilson can help you make decisions that are in your best interests and in the best interests of your children if you have any.

He sits down with his clients and listens to them, and then advises them with an objective, honest perspective. His priority is making sure your experience is as positive as possible.

Joshua Wilson graduated from the University of Arkansas Law School, and since that time he has successfully represented hundreds of clients in and around the Cass County area. He has represented parties on both sides of the aisle. Prior to Joshua receiving his law degree, he had already had success in the courtroom: through an appeal, Joshua fought a red light ticket. Albeit a small case, the taste of victory he felt and that sense of justice has never escaped him. Joshua is familiar with how injustice feels, and he perseveres to ensure justice is served in each and every case he represents.

His personal commitment is to obtain justice for families and the individuals he represents. If possible, he works hard to settle your case on terms that are fair and objective. If a trial is necessary, he prepares for it in a thorough and diligent manner, to ensure your case is strongly and passionately represented in the courtroom.

Joshua Wilson's personal and professional experiences make him exceptionally qualified to provide you with the advice, and zealous advocacy you require when your life has been dramatically upturned. You can rely on his support and legal guidance throughout your divorce. He represents clients throughout Cass County, from Belton to Harrisonville, Missouri, and beyond.

Bar Association Memberships:

  • The Missouri Bar (admitted 09/15/2010)
  • Cass County, MO Bar Association
  • Kansas Metropolitan Bar Association

Megan Metzinger; Senior Associate Attorney - Litigation Supervisor:

Ms. Metzinger joined Higher Level Legal Law Firm in October of 2019 as an Associate Attorney.

Prior to joining Higher Level Legal Law Firm, Ms. Metzinger was a solo practitioner focusing on family law. She also did contract work for a firm in Kansas City during this time.  She took all their family law cases, as well as negotiated settlements, and drafted demand letters in personal injury cases. 

Megan was born and raised on farms in the northern Oklahoma area, as well as southern Kansas.

She attended Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas where she earned an Associate's Degree in Science. Next, she attended Friends University in Wichita, Kansas where she earned a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in History and a Master's in Business Law.  Megan then went on to attend Washburn University School of Law in Topeka, Kansas where she received her Juris Doctorate.  

Megan's enthusiasm and passion for law evolved from being a domestic violence survivor during her college relationship and a desire to help others. She is the epitome of an attorney who cares for her clients and diligently fights to ensure they are afforded justice in the legal system.

She actively wants to be the person to offer a helping hand to clients who feel stuck in their situations and cannot find a way out alone. 

During her final year of law school, Megan practiced on a student license in 2013- 2014. 

After graduation and until bar results, Megan practiced under a temporary license, until she was fully admitted to the Missouri bar in 2015.  Since receiving her first license to practice, Megan has fought zealously for her client's legal goals. 

Megan has also represented clients in the areas of criminal, landlord/tenant, probate, immigration, and contract disputes.  Megan has represented over 500 clients, more than 50 of which have gone to trial. 

When not practicing law, Megan enjoys riding her trike around the lake with her two dogs and golfing. Megan enjoys spending time with her family as well. 


  • 2015 – Juris Doctorate, Washburn University School of Law – Topeka, Kansas
  • 2011 – Master's in Business Law, Friends University – Wichita, Kansas
  • 2005 – Bachelor of History, Friends University – Wichita, Kansas
  • 2003 – Associate's in Science, Butler Community College – El Dorado, Kansas 

Certificates and Awards:

  • Family Law Certificate
  • Distinguished Pro-bono Honors
  • GAL Training
  • Mediator Training 

Brady Shelton; Associate Attorney:

Mr. Shelton joined Higher Level Legal Law Firm in August of 2018 as an intern.

After earning his law license, he was made an Associate Attorney in September of 2018. He primarily focuses his law practice on representing clients in family law, and criminal matters in Kansas City, Missouri.  

 Mr. Shelton was born and raised in Harrisonville, Missouri. He attended The University of Central Missouri, where he majored in Criminal Justice, and double minored in History and Political Science.

Brady then went on to attend, The University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Law, and earned his Juris Doctorate.

While at UMKC, Brady volunteered over 100 hours of Pro Bono work, earning him a Pro Bono Certificate with honors. This exemplifies Mr. Shelton's passionate pursuit of justice. Mr. Shelton was also one of five law students at UMKC invited to participate in a "Trial Advocacy Clinic", where he was top in his class, and also earned the CALI Master Clinical Trial Advocacy Award.  

 When not practicing law, Brady enjoys traveling with his wife, Bailey.  


  • September 2018 – Licensed Missouri Attorney 
  • May 2018 – Juris Doctorate, University of Missouri Kansas City – Kansas City
  • May 2017 – Bachelor's in Criminal Justice – University of Central Missouri – Warrensburg  

Certificates and Awards: 

  • Pro Bono Certificate, UMKC 
  • CALI Award for Master Clinical Trial Advocacy, UMKC

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