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Divorce and Divorce Procedure in Missouri

A divorce can be a difficult and incredibly stressful time in your life. Deciding to file for divorce can be hard, and you may be concerned about the divorce process that you will have to go through. With experienced legal help, you can navigate the complex procedures of divorce in Missouri with confidence.

You do not have to face this time alone. Joshua Wilson is an experienced, compassionate divorce attorney based in Raymore, Missouri who represents clients throughout all of Cass County. He can help you through this difficult time.

The Divorce Process

A Missouri divorce has many steps. The procedure first depends on the type of divorce you seek.

  • Uncontested Divorces You and your spouse agree on everything, including property distribution and child custody. A petition is filed for the court to approve rather than going through a lengthy trial process.
  • Contested Divorces When you and your spouse cannot agree on all of the issues, you will have to go through the court to get a divorce decree. Contested divorces are common, as most divorcing spouses are unable to agree to every detail.

In a contested divorce, the next steps are critical in protecting your rights.

  • Filing the Divorce Petition
  • Filing any Temporary Motions
  • Engage in Discovery
  • Discuss Settlement or Participate in Mediation
  • Attend Pre-trial Conferences
  • Go to Trial
  • Attend Post-Trial motion hearings

Each of these steps is described in detail on my Divorce Process page.

Dealing with Divorce

The stress of divorce can be very difficult to handle on your own. You will likely have trouble communicating effectively with your spouse, and attempting to handle the stress of divorce while also dealing with all of the legal issues can be too much.

This may especially be true when the divorce is the result of your spouse's conduct. While Missouri is a "no-fault" divorce state, the conduct of the parties can be a factor the court considers when making decisions during the divorce, including adultery, abuse, or drug addiction.

To help you deal with the stress of divorce, feel free to visit the Divorce FAQs page to learn some more about the Missouri divorce process.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

An experienced attorney is the best tool you have in making sure your rights are protected during the divorce process. A "do-it-yourself" divorce leaves you vulnerable to being taken advantage of by your spouse, especially if they are represented by an attorney. This is especially true in situations in which domestic violence or child abuse has occurred, and when protection orders are needed to protect you or your children.

Joshua Wilson has years of experience with divorces and has practiced in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court (where your case will most likely take place) for many years. Missouri law is complicated, and if you choose to represent yourself you are expected to know and follow the law the same as any attorney. Joshua Wilson is very familiar with the law and the court system and will use that experience to your advantage.

Consult a Missouri Divorce Attorney

Divorce procedure in Missouri is complicated. With experienced Cass County attorney Joshua Wilson, you can feel confident that your divorce is handled correctly and know that you are not alone during this difficult time.

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