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17th Judicial Circuit Court in Cass County

Knowing the court system, the judges, and the clerk in Cass County is an important part of feeling comfortable with the litigation process. The 17th Judicial Circuit Court is the local court for Cass County and where your case will likely be filed.

With the help of an experienced Missouri divorce lawyer, you will file your claim with the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Cass County and you will know who you will meet and what you will see.

What is a Circuit Court?

The Missouri courts are divided into three main levels.

  1. Supreme Court of Missouri - The highest appellate court in Missouri.
  2. Missouri Court of Appeals - Appeals courts hear decisions in which the decision of the circuit court is challenged or appealed by one party or more.
  3. Missouri Circuit Courts - Circuit courts are the local courts in which cases are originally heard. There is a circuit court in every county in Missouri.


There are six judges in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court.

William B. Collins

Circuit Judge - Division 1 - Presiding Judge

R. Michael Wagner

Circuit Judge - Division 2

Stacey Lett

Associate Circuit Judge - Division 3

Mike Rumley

Associate Circuit Judge - Division 4

Jeff Cox

Associate Circuit Judge - Division 5

Jason Howell

Associate Circuit Judge - Division 6

Clerk of Courts

The Clerk of Courts handles all documents filed with the court and maintains the court docket. The Cass County Clerk is responsible for

  • all circuit court records,
  • civil and criminal case records,
  • child support records, and
  • jury selections.

Kim York

Circuit Clerk of Courts

Court Location

The 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Cass County Missouri is located at

2501 W. Mechanic St.
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Types of Cases Heard in the Court


The court's domestic division handles cases such as


The circuit court hears civil cases which are disputes between two or more parties that is not criminal in nature. This includes

  • contract disputes,
  • landlord/tenant cases,
  • civil assault and battery cases,
  • personal injury and negligence actions,
  • foreclosure actions,
  • medical malpractice, and
  • property disputes.


Probate courts deal with issues relating to wills, trusts, and other related fields. These include

  • administration of estates,
  • will contests,
  • intestate succession cases,
  • trust disputes, and
  • guardianship/conservatorship actions.


Criminal cases are those brought by the county prosecutor for violations of Missouri law. In these cases, the State of Missouri charges a defendant with an offense. These cases can include

  • drug possession or trafficking,
  • sexual assault,
  • domestic violence,
  • burglary and theft, and
  • bail and pretrial release issues.


The Juvenile Division handles cases that deal with minors or those who are under the age of 18. These include:

  • criminal actions committed by minors,
  • adoptions,
  • social services matters, and
  • termination of parental rights hearings.

Consult a Missouri Divorce Attorney

With the help of an experienced Missouri divorce attorney, you will walk into the Cass County courthouse knowing you have an attorney who is very familiar with the court, its staff, and all local court rules.

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