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Sometimes, our community needs legal help right away. Family law emergencies are not limited to Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If someone is arrested, or an emergency custody issue comes up, you need help right now. Our virtual capable law firm is available to provide assistance when the physical office is closed. 

In times of emergency, like the COVID-19 pandemic, our virtual capable law firm is able to remain open for business to help our community deal with matters that cannot wait until the quarantine ends.  

What is a Virtual Capable Law Firm? 

Our virtual capable law firm is a fully-functioning law office, with a physical address and experienced staff to provide for the legal needs of our community. We provide legal help in: 

However, our office also has the technology and capability to provide legal services for our clients when they cannot come into the office. If someone needs help but is currently out-of-state, in another country, or under advisement to quarantine for health reasons, we can still provide one-on-one support and advice. 

Our virtual-capable law firm allows our staff to work-from-home in times of emergency. We understand that the safety of our staff is as important as the safety of our clients. Communication through the phone, e-mail, or video conferencing provides a way for us to provide top service without putting you or your family at risk. 

Emergency Legal Hearings 

One of the benefits of a virtual capable law firm is that you do not need to wait until regular business hours for help. There are many legal proceedings that need to be heard on an emergency basis, including: 

  • Domestic violence protection orders, 
  • Emergency child custody orders, 
  • Child protection orders, 
  • Emergency mental health orders, 
  • Temporary restraining orders, and
  • Time-sensitive matters. 

Technology and Security 

Our law firm was well-prepared for the changes put in place by the Missouri Courts after the coronavirus outbreak. We understood the need to provide legal advice and courtroom representation even where our clients could not appear in person. Our office has the equipment and technology necessary to provide online, remote, and phone support between the courts, support staff, our clients, and our attorney. 

The courts traditionally deal with in-person hearings, paper filings, and a standard 40-hour workweek. However, the needs of our community may require going beyond the traditional ways of doing things to make sure our clients get the help they need. 

If our clients cannot show up to court in person, we will negotiate with the court to allow a video or phone appearance. When a court hearing requires an in-person appearance, we will be able to attend court hearings as allowed. 

Secure Communication for Sensitive Matters

We also understand that just because remote communication is convenient does not mean it is always secure. Security in a family matter or criminal matter is extremely important. Unsecured communication can put a domestic abuse victim or child at risk of injury or harm. We take security extremely important in our communication with our clients and in submitting information to the courts. Our virtual communication can include end-to-end encrypted messaging, password-protected video conferencing, and two-factor authentication protocols.  

If you have any questions about how we can represent you during limited court access because of coronavirus (COVID-19) or simply because your needs fall outside of the court's office hours, give us a call or contact us online today. Even if you are not tech-savvy, we will find a way to represent you in your legal needs. 

Experience Behind The Higher Level Legal Law Firm 

A virtual capable law firm is only as good as the people on the other end. During stressful times, you need someone who can provide guidance when you are feeling most vulnerable. Higher Level Legal Law Firm is committed to getting justice for families and individuals throughout Cass County and beyond. You can rely on his support and legal guidance throughout your divorce, bankruptcy, or after an arrest. 

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