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Children and Divorce in Missouri

Divorce is a difficult thing to go through as an adult, but it is especially hard on any children of a marriage. When children are involved, the divorce process can be much more complicated and the issues much more emotional.

The divorce process does not have to leave your children scarred by the experience. With the help of experienced Missouri divorce and family law attorneys from Higher Level Legal, you can feel confident that your divorce is handled with expertise, and that the process will be as smooth as possible for your children.

Effects of Divorce on Children

Children are all affected by divorce differently, depending on a variety of factors. These factors may include the following.

  • How contentious the relationship is between the divorcing spouses.
  • The relationship between the children and each parent.
  • Determinations about where the children will live.
  • How much information about the divorce the children are able to learn.
  • Ages of the children.

A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help lessen the negative impacts on your children during the divorce process in a number of different ways.

Helping You with Child Custody

In divorce, easily the most difficult issue may be who gets custody of the children. Some parents are able to agree on an arrangement, but if not, a child custody battle can be long and difficult on everyone.

With the right help, you can effectively protect your rights to custody of your children while also protecting your children's happiness and mental health.

Fighting for Child Support

To properly support your children, you need child support. Child support provides money for food, housing, education, school activities, clothing, and more.

Becoming a one-income household can be incredibly difficult without child support. However, you do not have to face this process alone in seeking to provide for your children.

Rights to Visitation

A parent who has rights to visitation wants to protect those rights, and children wish to see both parents in most cases. Visitation rights may apply to a non-custodial parent, a grandparent, or a non-parent third party.

Protecting your visitation rights is incredibly important to you and your children.

Helping with Post-Decree Modifications

Once the divorce is concluded and a decree is entered, divorced parents are generally required to stick to the plan set by the decree. However, circumstances change, and sometimes the agreement needs to be adjusted to accommodate those changes.

Post-decree modifications can make changes to custody arrangments, child support, spousal support, or other agreements.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Those who try to do a divorce unrepresented are not prepared for the complex divorce process, and this can both complicate and lengthen the ordeal. This can put great stress on your children, or end in results that put the kids under a great deal of stress.

With the help of an attorney with years of divorce experience, who understands what it takes to protect children during a divorce, you can feel confident that you are looking out for the best interests of your children, as well as yourself.

Consult a Missouri Divorce Attorney

A post-decree modification is best requested with the advice of experienced Cass County attorneys from Higher Level Legal. Their years of experience in divorce, custody disputes, post-decree modifications, and other family law matters in Missouri will provide you with the necessary information to meet your legal needs.

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