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Are Divorce Filings Going to Increase After Coronavirus?

Posted by Joshua Wilson | Apr 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

Many in our community are coming together in our time of need, to look out of elderly parents and neighbors, and provide support for healthcare workers who are on the front lines. However, such a dramatic change in day-to-day life can make dealing with your personal relationships more challenging. Spending a month or more, basically confined to your house, can put a lot of strain on a marriage. 

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Divorce Rates in China After Quarantine

Reported rates of divorce have increased across China in the last few weeks. This has been attributed to couples spending too much time together in self-isolation. According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, divorce filings began rising in March as quarantines were lifted in many areas of China. 

One couple in Guangdong spent almost two months together in the home, with the husband out of work. The wife complained about spending too much time together and how her husband at home disrupted the normal schedule of daily life. The couple complained about the usual things couples fight about, including not having enough money, not splitting housework and child care, and spending too much time on the phone, computer, or watching TV.  Eventually, they both agreed to file for divorce.   

According to a divorce lawyer in Shanghai, “The more time they spent together, the more they hate each other. People need space. Not just for couples—this applies to everybody.”

Some government offices have been overwhelmed by couples lining up to file for divorce. Some cities had to limit the number of divorce filings per day to allow clerks and workers time to process the record number of divorce filings. 

Will the Relationship Go Back To Normal?  

For now, the Governor of Missouri has declared a state of emergency, which opens the state up to more federal money but also gives the government additional authority. There are currently no state-wide stay-at-home orders. However, larger cities, including Kansas City, have issued stay at home orders, to be in effect until April 24, 2020. 

People in Missouri who are subject to a stay at home order are generally required to stay at home unless they are engaged in an essential activity, including: 

  • working in an essential business, 
  • obtaining supplies or necessary services, 
  • seeking medical care, 
  • caring for a family member or loved one, and 
  • exercising and maintaining personal health. 

However, many people are still self-quarantining even if they are not subject to a stay at home order. With kids out of school, businesses closed, or those who have symptoms of COVID-19, they may be stuck at home for a few weeks or more, in close proximity to their spouse. For many of these couples, they have never spent so much time together before, which may lead to tension. 

It is difficult to say what will happen after the outbreak ends and people try to get back to life as usual. The long-term effects could be financially difficult for families facing layoffs, loss of a job, or slowdown in business. Even without quarantines, financial problems are cited as one of the primary reasons a couple files for divorce in Missouri. 

Missouri Family Law Attorney With Virtual Office Capabilities

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