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New College Students With DWI Arrests

Posted by Joshua Wilson | Sep 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

Many families in Missouri are seeing their kids off from home to a college or university. Whether the new college-bound students are off to the University of Missouri, to Kansas University in Lawrence, or thousands of miles away, these young people may be facing new challenges. Unfortunately, some young drivers who go away to school end up having one too many drinks at a college party and find themselves under arrest while away from home. 

DWI Arrests for College Students 

College is a time when many young people first get access to alcohol or drugs like marijuana. College parties or older upperclassmen may provide alcohol to under-21 students during pledge week, after college football games, or as a way to unwind after finals. Many young people are not aware of their limits and may end up consuming more than they can handle and making bad decisions like getting behind the wheel. 

Additionally, some new students may be wary to tell their family or parents about an arrest and try and ignore the pending criminal charges. If you are a college student who has been arrested for any reason, or you are a parent with a child arrested for a DWI or other offense, contact an experienced Missouri criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Consequences of a DWI in Missouri or Out-of-State 

The consequences of driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be harsh, even for a first-time offense. To complicate matters, there are two parts of a DWI case: the criminal case and the license suspension. 

A criminal DWI charge can result in a criminal record, fines, and even the possibility of jail time. However, your DWI attorney can help you get a suspended sentence to complete probation or substance abuse treatment to avoid having to go to jail.  

Losing Your License After an Arrest  

Many drivers are surprised to learn that their license will be taken away after a DWI arrest, even before any conviction. The arresting officer generally seizes your license gives you a temporary permit. You only have 15 days after the arrest to request an administrative hearing if you want to keep your license. The hearing is through the Department of Revenue and not through the criminal court. 

Out-of-State DUI or DWI with a Missouri License  

Things get even more complicated if you are arrested in a different state than the state where your license is issued. This is a common issue for university students who are going to school in a different state. Another state can generally only limit your driving privileges in that state. However, an out-of-state DUI can mean Missouri will also suspend your driving privileges. That means you will have to deal with the consequences of a DUI in two-separate states. 

Experienced Missouri DWI Attorney

If you have questions about your college student who was arrested for a DWI and how it can affect their future record and driving privileges, The Joshua Wilson Law Firm is here to help. Contact the Joshua Wilson Law Firm today by calling (816) 331-9968 or fill out our online form.

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