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Divorcing with children can be a complex and emotional process.

Posted by Joshua Wilson | May 29, 2023 | 0 Comments


Child custody and visitation rights can be some of the most challenging issues that arise during a divorce. The well-being of your children is a top priority, and it's crucial to understand the laws and guidelines around child custody and visitation in Kansas City.

Types of Child Custody in Kansas City

In Kansas City, there are two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the right to make important decisions about your child's upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religion. Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to where the child will live and who will be responsible for their day-to-day care.

There are two main types of physical custody: sole custody and joint custody. In sole custody, one parent has primary physical custody of the child, and the other parent has visitation rights. In joint custody, both parents share physical custody of the child, and they work together to make important decisions about their child's upbringing.

Factors Considered in Child Custody Decisions

In Kansas City, family law courts use the best interests of the child standard to make child custody decisions. This means that the court will consider various factors to determine what type of custody arrangement is in the best interests of the child. Some of the factors considered in child custody decisions include:

  • The child's age and developmental needs
  • The child's relationship with each parent
  • Each parent's ability to provide for the child's physical, emotional, and developmental needs
  • Each parent's willingness to support the child's relationship with the other parent
  • The child's preference (if they are old enough to express a preference)
  • Any history of domestic violence or substance abuse by either parent

Visitation Rights

If one parent has sole physical custody of the child, the other parent will typically have visitation rights. Visitation rights refer to the right to spend time with the child on a regular basis. The visitation schedule can vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the family. In cases where both parents share physical custody, the visitation schedule may not be necessary. However, it's essential to ensure that both parents have equal time with the child and that they work together to create a stable and consistent routine for the child. Divorcing with children can be a challenging process, but understanding child custody and visitation rights can help make the process easier. At Higher Level Legal, our experienced family law attorneys can help guide you through the child custody and visitation process and provide you with the legal support you need.

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