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Joshua Wilson

Divorce is complex and highly emotional. Everything is going to change, including your most important personal relationships, your finances, your daily routine, and -- of course -- your home life. This can be a stressful time, and the parties involved often are not thinking clearly. You need someone who can provide guidance when you are feeling most vulnerable.

Joshua Wilson, family law attorney with over eight years of experience, has the insight to help you during these tough times. He can help you make decisions that are in your best interests and in the best interests of your children if you have any. He sits down with his clients and listens to them, and then advises them with an objective, honest perspective. His priority is making sure your experience is as positive as possible.

Joshua Wilson graduated from the University of Arkansas Law School, and since that time he has successfully represented hundreds of clients in and around Cass County. He has represented parties on both sides of the aisle. But before Joshua received his law degree, he had already had success in the courtroom: through an appeal, Joshua fought a red light ticket. Albeit a small case, he felt the taste of victory and that sense of justice has never escaped him. Joshua knows what injustice feels like and he perseveres to ensure justice is served in each and every case he represents.

He is pragmatic, honest, and passionate. His commitment is to obtain justice for families and the individuals he represents. If possible, he works hard to settle your case on terms that are fair and objective. If a trial is necessary, he prepares for it thoroughly and diligently to ensure your case is strongly and passionately represented in the courtroom.

Joshua Wilson's personal and professional experiences make him exceptionally qualified to provide you with the advice and zealous advocacy you require when your life has been dramatically upturned. You can rely on his support and legal guidance throughout your divorce. His office is based in Raymore, Missouri, but he represents clients throughout Cass County, from Belton to Harrisonville, Missouri and beyond.

Bar Association Memberships

  • The Missouri Bar (admitted 9/15/2010)
  • Cass County, MO Bar Association
  • Kansas Metropolitan Bar Association

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