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What Can Child Support Be Spent On?

Posted by Joshua Wilson | Aug 16, 2018 | 1 Comment

The cost of raising a child in Missouri is high. For the custodial parent, the parent who has full or primary custody of the child, it is assumed that these costs are already coming out of that parent's pocket. The non-custodial parent has an obligation to pay child support to ensure that these high costs are split fairly between the two parents.

Child support cases can be incredibly emotional, and after you have successfully been awarded a child support amount now you must know how to spend that money. It is not only the bare essentials for your child that the money can be spent on. There are a wide variety of costs child support is meant to cover.

With the assistance of an experienced Missouri divorce lawyer, any questions or concerns you have will be effectively addressed.

What Can Child Support Money Be Spent On?

Knowing what you can spend the money on is important, but ultimately, if the money is to be spent on the care of your child you are probably OK. If you have a doubt, it is the kind of question best asked of your divorce attorney.

Food, Clothing, and Shelter

These basic necessities are the first area of support the child support award was intended to cover. This includes groceries, meals, shoes, shirts, socks, and every child's least favorite Christmas gift (underwear). It can also be used to cover a portion of the rent and utilities that support the child.

Medical Expenses

Child support can cover the cost of health insurance for the child, and any medical costs not covered by health insurance. If your former spouse is the party in charge of the child's medical expenses, the primary allocation of expenses may be on that spouse. Any out of pocket expenses can be covered by your child support if not already covered by insurance.

Educational Costs

Whether it is public or private school, the cost of education is high and continuous. Books, school fees, field trips, and many other costs are constantly occurring. A child's education is extremely important, and child support is a crucial part of protecting their quality education.

Childcare Costs

Child support can cover the costs of babysitters, nannies, daycare and other related costs if both parents work and are unable to take care of the child during certain hours. This especially occurs over the summer months when children are out of school.


Costs of basic entertainment can be covered, including trips to amusement parks, camping, games, and other forms of entertainment. With this category, reasonableness of what the money is being spent on is important, and the necessities should definitely come first.

Consult a Missouri Divorce Attorney

Knowing how to spend the money from your child support award is an important part of taking care of your children as well as complying with Missouri law. With the help of an experienced Missouri family law attorney like Joshua Wilson you can be assured you are following the law while caring for your family.

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